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Node.js Core Tests

Published by Dorotea Knežević, SysKit on
Node.js Core Tests
  • Node.js Core Tests
  • This directory contains code and data used to test the Node.js implementation.
  • For a detailed guide on how to write tests in this directory, see the guide on writing tests.
  • On how to run tests in this directory, see the contributing guide.
  • For the tests to run on Windows, be sure to clone Node.js source code with the autocrlf git config flag set to true.
  • Test Directories
  • Directory Runs on CI Purpose
  • abort Yes Tests for when the --abort-on-uncaught-exception flag is used.
  • addons Yes Tests for addon functionality along with some tests that require an addon.
  • async-hooks Yes Tests for async_hooks functionality.
  • benchmark No Test minimal functionality of benchmarks.
  • cctest Yes C++ tests that are run as part of the build process.
  • code-cache No Tests for a Node.js binary compiled with V8 code cache.
  • common Common modules shared among many tests. Documentation
  • doctool Yes Tests for the documentation generator.
  • es-module Yes Test ESM module loading.
  • fixtures Test fixtures used in various tests throughout the test suite.
  • internet No Tests that make real outbound network connections. Tests for networking related modules may also be present in other directories, but those tests do not make outbound connections.
  • js-native-api Yes Tests for Node.js-agnostic n-api functionality.
  • known_issues Yes Tests reproducing known issues within the system. All tests inside of this directory are expected to fail. If a test doesn't fail on certain platforms, those should be skipped via known_issues.status.
  • message Yes Tests for messages that are output for various conditions (console.log, error messages etc.)
  • node-api Yes Tests for Node.js-specific n-api functionality.
  • parallel Yes Various tests that are able to be run in parallel.
  • pseudo-tty Yes Tests that require stdin/stdout/stderr to be a TTY.
  • pummel No Various tests for various modules / system functionality operating under load.
  • sequential Yes Various tests that must not run in parallel.
  • testpy Test configuration utility used by various test suites.
  • tick-processor No Tests for the V8 tick processor integration. The tests are for the logic in lib/internal/v8_prof_processor.js and lib/internal/v8_prof_polyfill.js. The tests confirm that the profile processor packages the correct set of scripts from V8 and introduces the correct platform specific logic.
  • v8-updates No Tests for V8 performance integration.
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